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A New Book from Jim Wangers and Art Fitzpatrick

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Two Pontiac GR-RRReats Collaborate!
By Dave Anderson

It started out simple enough…and has then been repeated at Pontiac event after Pontiac event for the last few years.  “What is your favorite Pontiac?  I love your book Glory DaysYou should really do another book.” 

Then the loyal Pontiayaker moves down to the next table.  “I have been collecting these for years.  I have two 3-ring binders full of the old ads.  My wife thinks I’m crazy.  It would be great to have a book with a bunch of your paintings.” 

I too sit behind the display tables and have heard those statements and queries time and time again.  Conversation directed at a couple of Pontiac legends…Jim Wangers and Art Fitzpatrick.

Starting in the late 50s and throughout Pontiac’s glory days, Jim Wangers and Art Fitzpatrick put indelible marks on this great period.  Jim Wangers who has been affectionately termed the “Godfather of the GTO” for his tireless marketing and promotion efforts.  Art Fitzpatrick who with his partner Van Kaufman (Fitz & Van) produced some of the greatest car art of all-time for Pontiac’s Wide-Track advertisements.

Glory Days has sold more that 60,000 copies gaining critical acclaim earning a Moto Award for automotive journalism.  Naturally one’s success would enflame the urge to write a follow up.  Jim Wangers has talked for years of doing such.  And as it turns out Art Fitzpatrick has been rattling the ear drums of his wife for far too long mulling over the task of putting his great Pontiac works into a coffee table sized book.  So as we put a close to the 2006 show season I said to these two guys, “You aren’t getting any younger, why don’t we all do a book?”  Now, both in their 80s, they leap at the chance to collaborate.  But what should be the subject?  As often is the case, sometimes you are just too close to see what is standing right in front of you.

It was about that same time that Jim Wangers and I were brainstorming on subjects for his next column in Pontiac Enthusiast.  And then it struck us.  Give them what they have asked for…a selection of your favorite Pontiacs.  Jim put together a list and then completed his column just ahead of the deadline.  It was then that we shared the idea with Fitz.  Fitz agreed with the book concept and then as if time had rolled back to the 60s; in spirited discussion, these two opinionated creative types set about making the final selection of their favorite Pontiac cars.  And as it was then, it remains today…Jim with a marketer’s view of performance and Fitz with his eye on design and style.

Performance, design and style…that all adds up to pizzazz.  Their new book would be titled, PONTIAC PIZZAZZ!  Within the pages Jim and Fitz have assembled perhaps the best collection ever of GR-RRReat Pontiacs, 15 cars in total from those glory days.  This 12” x 12” coffee table sized book features all-new, never seen before original paintings as only Art Fitzpatrick can do with narrative by Jim Wangers who was right there running through the gears.  Jim tells of what went into the making of many of Pontiac’s marketing triumphs like the ’63 Grand Prix, the original ’64 GTO and even the famed Monkeemobile.  Art evaluates these cars as only a true artist can, recognizing first class style and design.  This book salutes the qualities that made Pontiac the car to own then…and still marvel over today!

With the foreword written by famous Pontiac journalist Paul Zazarine, the book is being released in two versions; a numbered “Limited Edition” with padded cover and a beautiful hard-bound version, suitable for everybody’s coffee table collection.  Both will be personally autographed by the authors.  It is due out in June...just in time for the summer show season.  The book is being distributed direct from Jim Wangers at www.geetotiger.com, by calling 877-588-4687 or at any of the public appearances at Pontiac Events nationwide by Jim Wangers and Art Fitzpatrick.



Table of Contents & Artwork


1. The 1959 Wide-Track Pontiac


2. 1961 Pontiac Catalina


3. 1963 Grand Prix


4. 1964 GTO


5. The Tameless Tiger


6. 1965 2+2


7. The 1966 GeeTO Tigers


8. 1967 Grand Prix


9. The Monkeemobile


10. The 1969 GTO Judge


11. 1967 Firebird


12. 1970 ½ Trans Am


13. 1969 Grand Prix


14. 1977 Trans Am Special Edition


15. 1977 Can Am