1989 Trans Am (20th Anniversary)

If you were lucky enough to have an original ’69, and a “brand new” ’79 10th Anniversary Trans Am, of course you really should have an ’89 20th Anniversary car. Thanks to some old friends at Pontiac, Jim got one of the Special Promotion Vehicles used in the “Indy Pace-Car” program. Unfortunately it isn’t the Pace-Car itself, that went to the race winner, but its close—one of the “Parade Cars”. Even though it is one of the nicest Pontiac’s Jim’s ever owned (in spite of having a Turbocharged Buick engine) he resisted the temptation of driving it too much—it’s only got a little more than 13,000 miles on it—and it’s still one of the “quickest” Pontiacs you could buy right off the showroom floor.


    Build #41


    White, "Rare" Tan Cloth Interior


    15,974 original miles


    20th Anniversary Trans Am, Indy 500 Parade Car (complete with documentation), 3.8 Turbo V6, Automatic. Beautiful original condition and "very quick". Even then—in 1989—it was a 13 second quarter mile car!


    Available at $30,000

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