1979 Trans Am (10th Anniversary)


When Pontiac announced the 10th Anniversary Trans Am in 1979, Jim said, “I gotta have one”. Since he already had an original ’69, this was a natural. After he got it, he decided he didn’t like it, especially its’ looktoo many decals and stripesso he didn’t drive it. As a result, today this beautiful 10th Anniversary Trans Am has less than 100 miles on it, and it looks like it! It even has the original Goodyear Polysteel Radials on it (you don’t want to driver very fast on them) and the original silver leather interior still looks and smells like the day it was assembled.

While sitting innocently in Jim's California warehouse the car was discovered by the Hollywood producers of an exciting movie entitled, "Joe Dirt". "That silver Trans Am is just the car we need to complete this film."  they pleaded. The result—this incredible low mileage beauty is also a "movie-star" having been driven by Kid Rock in a very important part of the popular big screen and cable TV hit movie.


    Anniversary Silver Metallic with Silver Leather Interior


    Less than 100 original miles


    10th Anniversary Trans Am with all the stripes and "screamin' chicken hood decal.


    Power Windows, Power Seats, T-Tops and a 4-Speed Stick with the "real" Pontiac T/A 6.6 engine—it ain't no Olds!

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